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Source of all the investor information and investment details.  



  • Investment Offering: 7% Secured Return
  • Qualified Investment: IRA, Pensions, and Retirement Account. Monthly.
  • Interest Payout: Monthly
  • Lock-out/Term:12-24 Months.
  • Investment Type: Trust Deed Investment
  • Investor Suitability: Accredited Investment
  • Transparency: Reasonable access to all books, loan files, and bank account
  • Method of Offering: Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) under SEC Reg. 506C
  • Executable Docs: Inter-Creditor Agreement, Promissory Note, Subscription Agreement
  • Benjamin Donel’s investment of $1,000,000 in the fund to be at first lost position

Investment Details

  • Investment: Bridge loans (i.e., short term loans) secured by real property.
  • Investment Objective: Stable Monthly Income
  • Lending Rate: 8%-10%.
  • Borrower Profile: Bridge loan for seasoned investors, flipper loan.
  • Lien Position: First Deed of Trust with Lenders Insurance.
  • Target Protective Equity: 35% equity cushion based on a target loan-to- value of approximately 65% based on as repaired value.
  • Target Loan Term: 12-24 Months
  • Target Loan Size: $100,000 – $5,000,000
  • Borrower Repayment: Interest only with a balloon payment at maturity
  • Repayment Strategy: Sale or refinance of the subject property


  • DBO: Mandatory annual reporting to Department of Business Oversight
  • 3rd Party: Mandatory 3rd party independent annual audits
  • Bond: Bond on file with DBO through
  • Lender Insurance: Lender insurance provided on every file for each loan originated
  • Company Insurance: Investor and Company Insurance.




Sunset Equity Funding is a dba of Easy Financial LLC a licensed lender through Department of Business Oversight, formerly Department of

Corporations operating under license 603C725.

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