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Refer a Friend Program!

Refer a friend and receive $500.00 or an iPad for yourself and your referral.

Receive $500.00 or an iPad for each friend that closes their first loan with Sunset Equity. Your referral will also receive $500.00 or an iPad as a welcome gift!

There is no limit to the number of borrowers you can refer.*

Refer a Friend Program!

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Loans must be submitted and funded within 180 days and must close through Sunset Equity to be eligible for offer. Referral bonus and gift only awarded upon first loan close, and not for subsequent loans originated by referral. Referring borrower/broker will receive one bonus compensation in the form of a $500.00 check or an Apple gift card for each new borrower referred that closes a loan through Sunset Equity. Referred broker may only receive one gift and cannot claim multiple gifts on behalf of separate entities, guarantors, etc. New borrower will receive a $500.00 check or an Apple gift card in the amount of $500.00 to purchase an iPad of their choice. Borrowers may not refer themselves, or any entity they are a part of. Terms and conditions are subject to change and may be withdrawn at the sole discretion of Sunset Equity at any time.

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