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The 10 Hottest U.S. Real Estate Markets for Hard Money Investors in 2019

In 2019, don’t be the last one to extend your hard money investment territory beyond Los Angeles. Provided with various choices, i.e. fix and flip homes and single-family rentals, investors are not restricted to the domain of traditional real estate investments any more. Check the latest predictions for the 10 hottest markets of 2019 released by Zillow.

Analyzing the main indicators of investment opportunities, i.e. employment rate, income growth, household savings, home value and estimated rents within 50 major U.S. cities, Zillow presents a detailed and thorough prediction to rank the most profitable housing markets to invest your money in.

Soaring Real Estate Prices Originates From Rising Job Opportunities

You may have already recognized it unconsciously. Yes. The most fortuitous cities share one characteristic in common — offering abundant job opportunities, the greatest driver to attract high-class elites and list real estates high in value. According to Glassdoor, a job search and company review database, four of the top five markets provide more job opportunities per person than the other 42 major U.S. cities. The data explains all for itself.

Additionally, the most profitable cities distinguish themselves from other housing markets in low unemployment rates and rapidly increasing salaries. In the nine out of the top 10 cities, populations grow at or above 1 percent, which is 29 percent faster than the national average of 0.71 percent.

Last but not least, warm and pleasant weather seems to attract more investors in this anxious and environmentally unfriendly society. Coincidently but reasonably, eight out of the 10 cities on the ranking list are all well renowned for their all year-round warm weather and sunny climates. Escaping from fast-paced working life, you can not only fully rest yourself in these cities but also ridding yourself from the worry of rapidly rising prices of home heating oil and electricity expenses. It’s a win-win deal.

San Jose: Top One Strong Housing Market On The List

Hitting first for the second year on Zillow’s list, San Jose earns the credits due to the lowest unemployment rate in the country and remarkable salary growth. Although you may have heard about a potential economic recession on the horizon, the facts speak for themselves that housing rentals are unceasingly rising, soaring and peaking during the past few years. You will never be disappointed if you are expecting fix and flip, whereas you will definitely regret yourself if you hesitate to invest in San Jose one year later. Just wait and see.

Orlando: Population Growth Secures The Spot On The List

Though losing advantages in median home values, which is $233,700, a mere fraction of San Jose’s $1.25 million, and current rents, which are about one-third the living costs of the South Bay Area, Orlando still ranks second on the hottest real estate markets, next to San Jose. Leveraging on the rapid growth of job and population, plus the highly-recognized boom of tourism and healthcare industries, Orlando is the perfect fit for those investors who are seeking affordable housing investments, especially those considering Class B multi-dwelling units, single-family rentals or fix and flips.

For Your Next Housing Investment: Spot, Analyze and Move

You can’t be wrong to invest in the top hottest cities for real estate. Act quickly before your coveted property is sold out. Can’t decide on a fix and flip or single-family rental? Reach out to Sunset Equity, your professional investment pro. We help you secure your future!

Benjamin Donel, CEO

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