When you are deciding between whether to fix and flip or buy and hold, it all comes down to your skill set, interest, and investment horizon.

Fix and Flip Investing:

Get Rich Quick

The quick turnaround and increase profit is one of the main reasons fix and flips are so popular. Investors are able to double their investment within a few months by flipping a property. Furthermore, these benefits are hard to find with other investment opportunities

The Need for Speed

One main aspect that goes into gaining a profit from flipping a house, is evaluating your time frame. For fix and flippers it is more beneficial to be in and out as soon as possible in order to reduce costs. If you are stuck on a property, more time and money must go into the project.


When considering a fix and flip opportunity it is important to consider the feasibility of the project. Are you actually able to fix the property? By being able to detect which aspects of construction you can complete yourself, you are able to save a lot of money. However, if you overestimate your abilities, this can lead to a loss in profit because of the time you have wasted and the extra help you will need to finish the project.


Because fix and flip projects result in short term capital gains, fix and flippers are not rewarded the same tax break as those who choose to buy and hold. Therefore it is important to calculate the consequences of taxes before hand to evaluate if you will make a substantial profit from the project.

What strategy sounds better for you? Is it fix and flip or buy and hold? We lend nationwide and make it our goal to provide the best in private financing in the real-estate industry so that you can fix and flip the properties To learn more about Sunset Equity’s lending programs, please call 1-833-SUNSET-1 or email [email protected].

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