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Ways To Use Social Media As A Hard Money Investor

Investments on social media can be regarded as the most profitable way to help your business branding in this “WOO” era. Quoting Statista, global revenue from social media is predicted to reach $39 billion in 2019. Leverage on these monster platforms to market your brand to potential investors before they are targeted by your competitors.

For Connection with Potential Lenders

Brands never stand alone. Social media channels, i.e. Facebook and LinkedIn, provide platforms for businesses to share information, connect target audiences and thus drive traffic to your company’s own account. Ranking first on the social media page, the only thing you need to do is waiting new followers – potential investors exactly – to interact with your social media posts, either become interested to follow up or make endorsements to their personal connections. See, the ripple effect by utilizing social media connections is yet step-by-step, but progressing and promising in a whole.

To rise above competition among hard money lenders, offline events are also important to maintain good relationships with target audiences. Scheduling pop-up events, i.e. real estate tours and panels on hard money lending, will duplicate the power of online networking. Don’t be the last one to use Facebook Events or Eventbrite to attract investors, as they are all watching behind the screen, waiting to participate in activities they are interested in to influence their final decisions on investments or hard money loans.

For Reputation among Hard Money Lending Agencies

Although over-advertising is so common now on social media, you can never deny the power of intriguing pictures exhibiting well-renovated home properties and fascinating neighborhood surroundings. For a company, reputation represents the brand quality and trustworthiness, which all originates from consistent social media contents and carefully- organized blogs on corporate social media platforms.

During a real estate project, updates of progress pictures and words can attract more followers to anticipate the final configuration of the project, thus making them keep an eye on the progress continuously. Remember that fancy pictures speak for themselves, distinguishing your project from other similar constructions.

To enhance brand image and build reputation within the hard money lending industries, just share all the accomplishments on your social media accounts! Who can ignore a well-decorated house with a high reputation as a lender if they are eager to invest in one?  

For Inspiration of Advertising on Hard Money Loans

As a new starter in the hard money lending business, it’s never easy to make the first step in the industry, thus utilizing social media for reference where new ideas may come out beyond expectation. For each brand, uniqueness on social media makes the brand undefeatable and irreplaceable. However, extraordinary concepts are not formed automatically at the very beginning. Before establishing your own contents, abundant research and analytics into the market of hard money loans and social media trends within the real estate industry are a must to go through. And guess what, inspiration and ideas may suddenly burst out!

So, hey investors and lenders, anchor yourselves on social media to connect with your target audiences by delivering consistent high-quality messages. You will find that, when the brand can speak for itself, you are almost there, conquering the social media channels already!

Benjamin Donel, CEO

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