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Here Are Some Tips To Accelerate Your Next Fix and Flip Sale

You are almost there, getting your renovation work done and making your hard money investment property ready for the next tenants. But, to boost your flipping house in the highly competitive market for a quick sale, here is a key step you should not omit — staging.  

You may think the staging work is a waste of time and money, but actually it will pay off. Even in an unpromising market, staging can still promote your own property with a limited pool of prospective buyers. The best marketing strategy is always making your target renters envision your property as their sweet home. That’s how staging plays its role.

Check out the following list of tips to make sure that you are implementing staging right.

1. Start with painting

The color of the paints largely decides the tone of your property. Whether it is a warm color with neutral yellow or a cold theme with dark grey will make a great difference on how your property looks and feels. Make sure that you test a few options of colors on the walls before you finally decide to construct. Once you find out the perfect color that works best for your property, you are ready to move on for the next steps to fix and flip.

2. Furnish economically

During the process of staging, furniture does matters but you do not need to spend a large fortune on decorating and furnishing every single space. JUST focus on the important living spaces, i.e. living room, kitchen, dining room and master bedroom. 

In addition, here is one thing that you may ignore. You can resell the furniture after the sale of your property! 

3. Decorate with accessories

Appropriate and appealing decorations always attract buyers and make your property more decent and chic. Put some framed prints on the wall, place a floor lamp besides the couch, add a cozy rug in the living room…All these small pieces can add to a home-like atmosphere. Maybe just a flower arrangement or a potted plant will distinguish your property from other competitors. 

Find the most economical and suitable decoration items at a sale, resale shops or antique market. It’s not really wise to save a few bucks on the accessories since the impact of staging and fine decoration will deliver a powerful ROI on every dollar you spend. 

Benjamin Donel, CEO

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