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Three Shortcuts to Make the Most of your Hard Money Investment

Who doesn’t want a hot price on your flip houses? We can totally understand. A few common misconceptions are linked to almost every investor, buyer and seller, especially in this dynamic, highly competitive and extremely demanding rental market.

If the highest price is your only desire for the hard money investment, make sure you stick to the following three suggestions.

1. Offer Highly-Qualified Workmanship

Nowadays buyers are more willing to pay a premium for a house which is ready to move-in than spending endless time and energy settling down every piece of furniture by themselves. That is to say, make sure your flipping house is best furnished when you list it in the market. Remember that every detail counts!

2. Include Staging Part in your Budget

If you have a primer thought that staging is only a waste of time and money, delete it!. Staging can be your best investment to get you the most profitable rewards back if you apply specific strategies. In a highly demanding market, no staging may cost you six percent or more. While in other markets, this could be equal to a loss of $20,000 or even more. Just imagine how your flipping house could be if you want to pitch to the eager buyers? To make them feel that your house is worth the bidding, just make your home look like their homes!

In one word, to get your flipping property involved in the competition, make your home a competitive one, at least looking like it is.

3. Place the Best of your Best forward

In case you may not know, most buyers make their decisions whether to buy in or not in about seven seconds. Crazy right? Sure, they may not have a total agreement to the price and may not be ready to take out a mortgage plan that fast, however the first seven seconds they catch their eyesight on your property play a huge role on their future reaction to your flipping house. No matter how fancy your property is after that seven seconds, you can never connect to your buyers’ heart that easily and directly because all their attitudes and reactions have already weighed at the first beginning.

So, hard money lenders, invest as much your time and budget as you can into the front walkway and door to highlight your property at the very first beginning.

Armed with these practical tips, you are just waiting to witness your future investment successful and profitable.

Benjamin Donel, CEO

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